Our 9-Step Process

We take the uncertainty out of translation, using our proven Global Translation Process. Our system ensures cultural and literal accuracy and on-target meaning for pharmaceutical, business, medical, regulatory, legal, education and private documents.

Over the years, we've developed a rigorous system to help ensure the most accurate translation possible. Our Global Translation Process is an exacting series of steps designed to deliver cost-effective letter-perfect translations. From the moment you submit your source document, our team of dedicated and talented subject matter experts, a minimum of two specifically assigned to your project, is on the job. The way we see it, our job is much more than translating a document: It's all about communication. We check and double-check every step of the process, safeguarding your message and meaning, ensuring absolute integrity of your content. We're in the business of doing it right the first time, producing reliable, cost-effective results you can count on every time.

Step 1: Source Document Submitted
(Via fax, courier, email or hand, and we sign a confidentiality agreement)

Step 2: Provide Fast, Free Estimate
(Usually within 24 hours)

Step 3: Sign Off on Quoted Price
(With your OK, we get to work)

Step 4: Team Experts Begin Translation
(Working closely with you, our project manager and translation team start work)

Step 5: Stringent Editing of Translation
(We rigorously review the draft against the original document)

Step 6: Final Verification of Translation
(Another quality control measure, we review the document again to make sure everything is present and correct)

Step 7: Client Review
(You and your team review the document)

Step 8: Incorporate Client's Revisions
(We make your revisions, free of charge, usually within 3 business days)

Step 9: Cost-Effective, Letter-Perfect Translation
(Our finished product meets your needs with attentive customer service and superior translation services)

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"I have looked at the translation and it seems of high quality. It is interesting because this is one of the very few times I have seen something of this nature translated INTO my native tongue, that I'm aware of. I would have never known it was not originally written in English."

Translator's Corner

Global Translation Systems is a leading provider of accurate, culturally-appropriate translations