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We use the latest, greatest translation technology-human beings. We don't just use the right technology, we use it the right way, assuring consistency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. That means people are involved, every step of the way. And good people produce their best work when they have excellent tools. Using sophisticated Translation Memory technology, our translators leverage customized databases containing matched source and target texts to create their translations. This impressive software checks your source text against existing client-specific databases, comparing sentences and suggesting translations based on identical or similar phrasing. By warehousing your documents in a confidential database of translations and terminology we create for you, we can quickly and efficiently recall old content for comparison to your current document, saving you time and money while guaranteeing consistency. Again, no translations are complete without the rigorous hands-on attention of at least two linguists. Our experienced professional translators craft the work from start to finish, then add the finishing touches, making sure the document is letter-perfect and culturally understandable.

The translation tools we use include:

  • *Deja Vu X2
  • *SDL Trados
  • *SDL Trados Studio 2014

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